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My Dalmatians

Meet the Dalmatians behind this Page!

The Dalmatians of my Childhood...

I grew up in a "Dalmatian family".  When I was seven years old, my parents got me and my brother our very own Dalmatians, Domino and Dotty.  With the guidance of my parents I learned all about this unique breed, their needs, and their personalities.  When I moved away to college, Domino was too elderly to come with me, so my parents and I decided it would be best for her to stay with her life-long companion Dotty and live out her old age in her childhood home with them. 


A picture of Domino and me (when I was in high school).
In Loving memory of Domino: 1992 - 2006.

My current Dal, Lola...

In my sophomore year of college, after a year of living without a Dalmatian, I decided I was in a good position to adopt.  I spent the whole summer on, looking for my perfect match.  I adopted Lola from an Animal Control shelter she had been kept at since she turned up in a state park with no coller and no micro-chip.  Nobody ever came to claim her, poor baby! 


Today, Lola is about four years old.  Shortly after adopting her I found that she is deaf in one ear and hard-of-hearing in the other, a problem I quickly fixed with special hand-signal training.  Lola goes everywhere with me, and is now equipped with coller identification AND a micro-chip!  I'll make sure she never ends up in Animal Control again!

Duke my "Permanent Foster"...

I have had Duke for less than a year.  He is a senior Dalmatian, and I originally took him in as a foster, but he is just too "special needs" to re-home.  Duke is profoundly deaf, blind in one eye, and extremely arthritic.  He was found half-dead crawling on the side of the road, and the vet said it's likely that he was "dumped" there or even thrown from a moving car.  He had major injuries to his hips and had bladder stones so bad he almost lost his life.  After spending two years in a vet kennel, I stepped up to the plate and took him in.  He likes being in a family home much better!  He's a pure lover-boy, and just wants to cuddle with everyone!


My fiance Peter with Duke at the dog-park. 

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