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Question: Are Dalmatians hyper?
Answer:  It depends.  Most Dalmatians, when provided with a proper outlet for their energy and enthusiasm, are perfectly calm.  In fact, I am always complimented on how calm my Dals are.  However, if they are left alone too often or are not provided with toys or something to do, Dalmatians may express this shortcoming through hyperactivity.  Therefore, Dalmatians do best in outgoing, active families that are willing to give them a lot of exercise. 

Question: How smart are Dalmatians?
Answer: Dalmatians are intelligent dogs, but they also have a goofy side.  Dalmatians love toys like Kongs that make them think, and they are also very observant.  They want to please their people, and generally enjoy the training experience (with lots of positive reinforcement!)  Unfortunately, because of the high occurence of deafness in Dalmatians, they were often considered stupid or obstinate, a stigma they sometimes carry.

Question: Are Dalmatians good with kids?
Answer: It depends on the Dalmatian and the kid!  Some Dalmatians, like mine, love little kids and are well behaved around them, but other Dals might prefer the company of teens or adults.  It is also very important that young kids always be supervised when around Dalmatians (or any dogs), because even a sweet dog might nip if their tail is pulled or they are otherwise provoked. 

Question: Do Dalmatians need to be groomed?
Answer: Yes!  Most people don't know this, but Dalmatians shed almost constantly.  Because of this, I recommend getting a shedding brush or comb (available at most pet supply stores) and brushing them whenever you notice a lot of loose fur.  Otherwise, you will have a lot of little Dalmatian hairs all over your house!  Other than the shedding, Dalmatian hair is much too short to tangle and is naturally very clean and odorless. 

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