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A place for Dals and their People

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my Dalmatian page!  Everywhere I go with my dogs, people are always asking me what Dalmatians are "really" like, so here I am on the World Wide Web sharing my knowledge and experiences.  This site is for:

1. People who already know and love Dalmatians

2. People who are new to Dalmatians

3. People who are just curious!

Please note: I am not a Dalmatian breeder.  This site was simply created out of my love for the breed. 

If you are trying to decide if a Dalmatian is the right dog for you, definitely check out the FAQ page.  Enjoy!


What's New?

On Nov. 24, the day after Thanksgiving, my family and I made the extremely difficult decision to euthanize Domino, my first Dalmatian.  She was 14 years old and suffering from severe arthritis and liver failure.  We all agreed that her quality of life was very low, and I hope that she has finally found some peace.  She lived a very good life, always in the company of her birth-sister Dotty, who is still with us and doing fine (aside from being a little lost without Domino).  For those of you who have had to say goodbye to a furry family member - you know what a hard time this is for me.   

On Oct. 24, Duke (one of my Dalmatians) was diagnosed with vestibular disease.  It is speculated that Dalmatians are particularly vulnerable to this disease due to their genetically delicate inner-ears.  Duke will probably be okay, although we are all having to adjust to his wobbly movements and vertigo.  For more information on vestibular disease, see "Dalmatian Health" in the "About Dalmatians" section. 



Lola, my pride and joy


Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

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